• City Centre Study

Brighton Language College is situated in the city centre, our school overlooks The Royal Pavilion and is 2 minutes from Brighton Pier. Our great location means that you are studying in central Brighton with all the city’s delights next to your school.

  • Family Packages

With a full range of courses for all ages we are able to provide complete family packages where one or all of a family can study with us. Our courses start at 5 years of age, allowing families to combine both study and leisure with BLC.

  • Resort City

Brighton is the UK’s most popular seaside resort destination, an exciting city with its own unique identity. Brighton is a proud, upmarket, cosmopolitan and welcoming place mixing historic buildings, a vibrant nightlife scene, trendy boutiques, a rich theatrical and music pedigree, fabulous clubs and bars, family entertainment, eclectic shopping and a beach front which is the envy of the UK.

  • Services

Our comprehensive services cover all your needs in and out of the classroom. From scheduling your arrival and transfer, finding the right accommodation options for you to providing support and information during your stay with BLC, we do it all for you

  • Academic Standards

Our academic standards ensure that you get the optimal learning experience with our courses that have been developed to help you learn more effectively. With BLC’s communicative approach to language training you acquire the essential skills & strategies to accomplish your goals.

  • Staff

Our staff members are dedicated to helping you reach your targets and making the most of your stay with us and in Brighton. Our multi-lingual team are here to assist you, encourage you and inform you of all the opportunities you have here.

  • Accredited

We are accredited by The British Council (Accreditation UK) and members of English UK. This ensures that the courses and services we provide are of the highest quality and recognized throughout the world.

  • Community Spirit

We are proud to be a community leader in Brighton with strong links with local businesses, services, establishments, hotels & groups. Our specialist local knowledge and community spirit means we best represent Brighton as a city and as a language learning destination.

  • Success

Studying with us provides you with the best tools for your future goal. You will be able to implement all that you have learnt with us to acheive the best and brightest future for you.

  • Friends For Life

You will be part of an international family, studying and socialising together, increasing your cultural awareness and making freinds. It is a unique opportunity that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Facilities (New Facility opened 25.05.15)

  • Free Wi-fi access
  • 28 classrooms
  • 2 Student lounges
  • 2 patios and garden
  • Social programme
  • Welfare service
  • Academic support
  • Airport transfer service
  • Accommodation service
  • City centre school

Average Class Size


  • General English / IELTS Preparation = 10 (Maximum 14)
  • Junior Vacation = 12 (Maximum 16)
  • Family Vacation = 8 (Maximum 12)


  • General English / IELTS Preparation = 16+
  • Junior Vacation = 12-17
  • Family Vacation = 5-11 (Safari 8-11)

Lesson Times

  • Course 20 @ 15 hours class time / week
  • Course 24 @ 18 hours class time / week
  • Course 30 @ 22.5 hours class time / week
  • Course 40 @ 30 hours class time / week
  • BLC morning sessions 09:15 – 12:30
  • BLC afternoon sessions 13:30 – 15:00
  • BLC afternoon only course (EA20) is 13:30 – 16:45

Social Programme

BLC has a great social programme with something new and exciting every month . The schedule is organised by Jack , our Activities Manager.

  • Some activities require a minimum number of students to sign-up
  • Please note activity costs may vary depending on student numbers